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Hot-Desking Facilities at Oplex Business Centre, SE London
Hot-desking facilities for travelling executives & businessmen to London. Easily accessible from Central London, Canary Wharf and London City Airport at Oplex Business Centre, SE London

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'Hot Desking' is a new term which came into existence in 1990s to describe a Work Practice which is location independent working i.e. you are not allocated a specific desk permanently but you can use any desk that is free when you come to the office.

This new Work Practice of Hot Desking is becoming popular with the Travelling Executive or jet-set professional today because what they need is a Workstation in an ambient office where they get broadband connectivity, telephone line and other office facilities like Fax machine and a Photocopier along with reception / secretarial services.

Oplex Business Centre provides Hot Desking facilities for the businessmen on the move who need the basic office needs for a day or a few hours during the day and you can combine Hot Desking with the Meeting Room or Interview Room at Oplex Business Centre.

So, next time you are travelling to London on business and have your laptop with you and wish to finish some urgent business tasks, you should consider Hot Desking facilities provided by Oplex Business Centre. Oplex business centre is ideally located next to Deptford Bridge DLR Station which is 10-12 minutes away from Canary Wharf, around 20 minutes from Bank in Central London and around 20 minutes from London City Airport with DLR trains operating every 2 to 5 minutes, you can easily come to Oplex Business Centre and take advantage of the Hot Desking facilities offered by Oplex. If you find that you have a couple hours free between the business meetings you can make a productive use of the time through Hot Desking at Oplex Business Centre.

Oplex Business Centre offers flexible Hot Desking facilities starting at £5 per hour or £15 for half a day and £25 for a day and you can book the hot desking services online. VAT will be charged extra and other services like the calls you make, faxes you send and receive and photocopies you make will be charged extra at prevailing rates at Oplex Business Centre.

Oplex Business Centre is open between 8:30AM and 9:00PM Monday to Saturday and it would be ideally suitable for travelling businessmen or professionals working from home who need some office facilities from time to time.

However, if you think a permanent Workstation facility with appropriate storage facility would be ideally suitable for you, please visit our Workstations section to know more about workstation space available at Oplex Business Centre.

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